Activities & Team Building


Your best solution for Corporate Motivational Events.

Malta with its mild climate all year round is the perfect solution for your incentive, corporate, team-building, outdoor events. If you feel it is time to reward or motivate your staff than look no further. Competitive prices and years of experience in this field, A+DMC will provide the perfect solution to any of your requirements. Let us go beyond your expectations but within your budget!

Getting your staff out of their comfort zones is fun, hilarious, demanding and challenging, yet it can assure you of how they can achieve better teamwork. Every company, no matter how big or small they are, benefits from such events as the participants work together in an action-packed environment, rising to physically demanding challenges but mainly using their competitive streak and brain matter in experiences that satisfy the mind and body. These experiences are brought back to the office environment and ultimately result in better revenues.

A+DMC, can offer you Team Development programs tailor made for your employees. We take care of all the logistics and with a team of professional experts will ensure success all around. We have a pool of resources, creative ideas and talented trainers. If your team has an adventurous streak and love the great outdoors, one may opt to experience abseiling or getting “lost” at sea, discover the island in yesteryear or with today’s modern technology using latest tablets to test their GPS skills. We can even create a bespoke themed challenge with clues about your company. You may feel that your team is happier indoors, again lots of ideas to choose from here. Be it creating a roller coaster or solving a murder mystery – just like CSI, whatever you feel they need – we provide.

There are some questions that you have to start asking yourself right from now. Is your team competitive enough? What are their communications skills like? Do they listen and read instructions carefully enough? How do they resolve even the simplest of problems? Are they investigative enough? Go on test their survival skills. No matter what the answers are –in today’s world we all need motivation and to work as a true team in order to achieve targets. Our skilled trainers will test their strengths or weaknesses and share the feedback and show them how these experiences can be transferred to the workplace.

Let us make your event a success, a fun and inspiring event right from the start to finish in more ways than you can think of!